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So, I went home this weekend, being the great son I am, to see ma madre. I was going to take the train straight to sunny Tonbridge form LDN Bridge until Fran told me that there is a windmill right near her house in Reigate. Realising this gaff was pretty easy to get to, I decided on a little detour a la campagne.

And what a worthwhile excursion it was, too. Sitting atop a beautiful peak, surrounded by miles of undulating green, Wray Common is a stunning tower mill that has been sentimentally restored over the past few years. After having seen various sepia-burnt photographs of the mill, watching over the region, I was interested to see if it still posessed the same aura as had touched me in the original photographs.

Although the mill has been renovated, and therefore has had no structural alterations, it seems so much more imposing when you are standing right next to it. I mean, it has a new monochrome paintjob, which symbolises a loss of history in favour of a 'contemporary' aesthetic value, and it did not photograph particularly well because I felt the shots could hardly make a lasting impression on any onlooker, so my intention was to purely document the vastness of the windmill. I felt a safe and slightly spiritual in front of it, like Wray Common was being surveilled by an omniscient being.

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