Sean Parker
BA (Hons) Illustration
London College of Communication
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This exhibition is questioning the roles of the curator and the artist.

We are detaching ourselves from opinion and hence we are asking young creatives in South East London to respond to our brief by submitting a piece of their work related to the idea of something being ‘founded’ or appropriated.

For example, a collage of found images or a video made of found footage.

We hope to create a tangible exhibition highlighting the new breed of talent south of the river. There are no limitations in style or medium, but obviously we bear in mind there is only one room and there will be a selective process involved, so if you want to reconstruct the cast of Cheers in a block of ice, you might have to reconsider.

What’s exciting about this project is that the contributors have never met each other, and we, the curators, have no idea what the exhibition is going to look like, as the process of us taking and using is completely dependant on what you give.

The opening night for the exhibition is Tuesday 29th September as part of CLINIC PRESENTS at the Amersham Arms. HERE IS THE FLYER. Therefore the deadline for submissions is NEXT FRIDAY, 26TH SEPTEMBER. That gives you nearly two weeks to cut/stick/edit/record, and with 2D work you must bear in mind it will be pinned

Send us an email to with your idea and a caption relating to being 'founded' or appropriated ASAP.




Double-sided flyer for Clinic's upcoming night of poetry, art and music. I can't fucking wait, it's going to be disgustingly pleasant.

A cheeky little facelift for my friends over at DKHDS. They play dirty electro all over your face without even asking. Some rotten nights coming up in New Cross and Shoreditch so be sure to catch them in the near future.

Clicky the piccy.


Head here to see my latest project, a poetry and art collective with some fine fellows from Goldsmiths and LCC. Rachael, Andrew and Sam formed the poetry alliance in April, and I was invited on board after collaborating with Sam for their very first zine. A month later and photographer Benjamin Thomas became the fifth member of Clinic.

On the 2nd July, Clinic put on their first creative night at the Amersham Arms in New Cross to raise money for Goldsmith plays being taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks, we have big things planned, including a night of live music and poetry at the Amersham Arms. We are delighted to have Shoes And Socks Off playing a live acoustic set, the three poets will be performing a group reading and the exhibition upstairs will be curated by both myself and the superb Benjamin Thomas.

I think you had better book an appointment.


La campagne.

I have my photos from Normandy back. The almost filmic nature of the exposure dimensions gave me license to experiment with snapping in a more metaphorical way; instead of solely relying on the aesthetic qualities of the subject, I was coaxed into thinking more like a director. The fruits of my trip could be imagined loosely as stills from low-budget, experimental films. It now seems like a natural step for me to dip into film, and these photos will have a big impact on the way I think about filming my collaborative short film with my good friend Justine.


Here are a selection of my other summer-based photos.