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BA (Hons) Illustration
London College of Communication
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freelancing. klaus.

my good friend kitty and i have recently been venturing into pastures new in terms of holiday activities. after the success of our 'cheap!' canvas bags at susanna edwards' budgie show in hackney, we decided that this was something that we could do over the summer to fund our alcohol purchases. using a stolen screen from college, some half price inks and a lot of patience, 'catparts' was born.
so we know someone who knows someone who is responsible for promoting local bands, and we contacted him to ask if he wanted any merch. he obliged and gave us 'klaus says buy the record', a brighton-based troubadour who weaves endearing tales of lost love. i have met klaus aka jon mills on a few occasions in the past and he's a thoroughly nice guy with an enthralling aura about him, so we were delighted to get such a gig (moreover he was recently crowned winner of Red Stripe Music Award, a nationwide search for unsigned talent, that pushed him into the spotlight of the main stage at Great Escape festival in brighton... look

if anyone cares, our 'cheap!' bags are being exhibited in Tatty Devine on brick lane now.


crossword font 2nd draft.

Yeah, still lacking in finesse, but i think you'll agree it looks more credible in portrait. I really need to work hard on eliminating all of the two-letter answers, because it makes it easier to see that it is not a real crossword. I really like the unorthodox lettering, though.



Excuse the pun, but these jars are amahzing.
I found them my girl's house and nearly
jizzed my pants.
Original 70s typography for you, right there.
The uniform height and bracketed slab serifs
make me happy to have eyes.


crossword font

This is the first draft of the font I am working on based around crosswords.
Inspired by the "Jumbo Puzzle Book" that amuses me while i do the poo poo,
I am intending to fit the entire alphabet into the negative spaces in the grid
without using the little fillers, so I've got a little way to go yet.



flydoscope knoboscope

didoscope mincepiedoscope


Shiny white orgasm.

No, I didn't jizz everywhere. I've just opened up my brand new macbook. This kind of beauty should be made illegal. There is so much i want to do with it that i don't know what to do with it. Instead of forcing myself to tarnish its infallable white (like a certain Mr. Barrell did) i shall treat it as some kind of deity. Ganesh. Yeah, that one. Eight arms?

There's one other thing that i would like you to acknowledge today. And that is the uncanny resemblance that Xena Warrior Princess possesses to Chyna off of wrestling. On steroids. Look at them both, all bondaged up for your optical pleasure.