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Kodak Brownie

Today I have been charity shopping with my good friend Manda, and among some bargain books and puzzles I found this wickedcool old school camera and bought it for £5. It's bangin', trust. It's not worth much but will still make a great ornament for our house next year. Word to your mother. Have a look at this banging website I found.


Right. Well I've been a bit of a busy body recently, hence anything creative has had to play second fiddle to my portfolio work, which is a shame. However, I shall endeavour to make amends with another installment of tea, typography and tortology. As you may already know, I've been accepted onto the Typography BaHons course at LCC, and I am comprehensibly chuffed to bits with the news. Considering just two months ago I was comparing universities such as Kingston and Cardiff in order to decide where I would take English, I have had a massive change of heart and realised my real desire is to stay in London and hang out with Artbitches all day, touching myself inappropriately whenever I discover a new font. If you're like me and are worried that no-one else really understands the beauty of typography, then you should check out this amazing site. It's written by Typo-geeks, for Typo-geeks. It really is rather good.

On another note, I have had a bit of a barren spell recently in terms of inspiration, but with my Saturday job comes a handful of hours towards the end of the day that I can sneakily spend doodling and excreting my typographical shit. There are a few that I really like. I will affix them in due course so bear with me.



Sleeping pattern jarred,
pillow too hard,
the laptop secretes
lights and words and beats.
Eyelids drooping,
fingers scooping
the sleep away
as today
convulses and
the big hand
spins silently
(not to mention violently)
around the face.
I miss that place
where joy once crept
and i once slept.

Constructed Photo Talks

Based on the the word MOVEMENT.
We pretty much just pissed around in the Barbican tunnel.
Watch out now.

UCAS update...

Last time we met, I was agonising over the decision I was going to have to make; English language at Kingston, or a graphic design degree elsewhere. The problem I had with committing to English was that I didn't feel that I could neglect everything I have learnt this year. My subconscious was repeatedly poking me, like an annoying sibling, and telling me that I wanted to devote myself to something more creative. So when the opportunity to have LCC look at my portfolio arose, I figured I had nothing to lose.

They seemed to like my stuff.

I've been accepted onto their BA Typography degree course.