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 My flyer for the upcoming Clinic Presents night at the Amersham Arms on Thursday Feb 11th.
We have easily our best line-up yet, with TALONS headlining, the dramatic dreamsculptors ON HISTORIES OF ROSENBERG and the catalysts for my love of math-rock, HREÐA.  Plus, an exhibition in the Take Courage Gallery, curated by myself and Benjamin Thomas, whose facial hair I never get bored of, based on MAGIC. 

Full event details here ///

If you want to submit anything to us under the theme of /MAGIC/, whether it be prose or poetry, illustration or photography, send us your proposals to before Friday 29th January.


Question Time

To gather information from other collectors for my What Am I? project, I sent out an email to some correspondents asking about their approaches to the ethos of collecting. Among general chit-chat, these were the main questions I put to them.

would you call yourself a collector or archivist or hoarder? give a reason.
is order important when collecting?
what do your collections mean to you?


18 October 2009 20:16

evening sir

im good thanks, never did make it to that gig last night was ment to go meet some friends at a pub too but just landed up staying in and watching some wishy washy film with the misses.
saw your pieces for the kraffhics book they pretty good, did you speak to leemun about when thats coming out? havnt heard from him in ages was wondering what was going on with it, wasnt it ment to be out in august?
here go the questions:

would you call yourself a collector or archivist or hoarder? give a reason.

id love to say hoarder but after researching hoarding and those OCD things a few years back i came to realize that i dont really have a problem with uncontrollable compulsive hoarding i merely like to collect thing that i find aesthetically pleasing or something i can use to create art work with.

is order important when collecting?

my collection definitely lack order, i do try to group certain things together but it doesnt always stay that way. in some ways i'd love to be super orProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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nised and Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ve everything categories joseph cornell style but i just cant work that way. there is also the joy in refinding something that you forgot you had while scratching around looking for something else which is always good cause that refound item can lead to a whole new unplanned thing. i guess thats it, if you have everything uber organised and sorted out you lose that freedom and openness, not everything can be categorized and labeled something which looks blue to you today may look a lot more green tomorrow. does that make any sense?

what do your collections mean to you?

tricky one...... i guess my collections kind of make up what and who i that sounds a bit wrong like i would be nothing with out that stuff.....try again.... my collections are important to me because i have created them. i have spent time collecting things that i find important. i find it fascinating how somebody elses junk is my treasure, im taking something which a lot of times would be thrown away and giving it a new life, a regeneration as such. like those bits i sent you a lot of those are just scraps of paper and junk however when they are organised and placed together they become important gain a value.

hope that helps my man
take care



5 November 2009 21:17

Hey Bugsby.

I've pondered on my actions over the past week of touring.

collector - a person or thing that collects something, in particular
archivist - a person who maintains and is in charge of archives.
hoarder - a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded

I am an eFactist.
But for the answer to you question with the only above options, I'd say I'm a hoarder to my own sense, yet I archive others's to help construct what my mind is able to perceive.
Order is definitely important to collecting, yet I would counteract this by stating that I can only create any form of order by marginalizing what I'd determine as chaos and disorder, in an act of re-affirming to my self that order of all is on my own hands.
My collections mean everything.

In fact, read the above a pretext. Here we go.
I am a collector of symbols and that is all I can be.

Miss you buddy, I'll be returning from tour next week and will be spending a lot of time with yous to get the December events up  running and ready. I have idea for the 15th. It may involve our combined skills though motherfucker.
Would love to have the Lock Tavern prepared and silkscreen posters hanging like bunting around the venue with words of our poetry and others and illustrations. Similar to Hugh's layered 8 and the screenprint you gave me. Perhaps we could use your university resources if you'd fancy?

God i feel sick.
Tall Ships confirmed for December 15th.

 a collection of historical documents



This is my submission for Penguin Design Award, a live brief set by uni. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the tasteless and lazy covers that have proceeded in history, and I have a big problem with childrens book covers in general.  I took my starting point as abstract reflection of self. Also, the background is a scan of some paper i bought at the school shop. It's so rad, but the back literally smells like plant bleach.


A couple of my photos of Zineswap's new studio made it to their homepage. SHAZAM.




Rolling in the new year with some collages I managed to compose whilst being on Rum Island.
Yeah, they're no good, but at least I didn't chop off my finger in the process.



The erratic stapled-paper handlers at Zineswap invited me along to their new Tottenham Court Road studio to give them a hand archiving their library. To you, this may sound more boring than litter picking with a grabber made from breadsticks, but I've recently become quite obsessed with collecting and the psychosis behind the desire for a complete collection as a projection of personal perfection.

                             BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER


Clinic are currently in talks with Zineswap to do a joint event in February, so keep your peepers glued.

Thanks to Rob for arranging it and Gordo for the beer. Fetch them some traffic //HERE//

I'm not going to say sorry or anything.

Yeah, I've been lazy. And what? I've been doing other stuff.