Sean Parker
BA (Hons) Illustration
London College of Communication
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Good Ol' Bill

Long overdue screenprints from my last project on electromagnetic interference.
I have some sitting around to give away so drop me an email if you fancy one.

Do you remember that night DEAD RED SUN PLAYED IN MY KITCHEN?



Hypermedia from Sean Parker on Vimeo.

Having the television muted and untuned, the electromagnetic interference is made 'visible' by the radio. The signal fluctuation is directly affected by the television channel, providing an audio-visual show that disorientates and disturbs.



My mate Jethro is running the marathon in two weeks time. He thinks he's God's Gift, and I think he's not half bad. Everyone's student loans will be in by then,
so just chuck him a tenner and a pat on the back. We're going to go and watch him run / pass him an ale / wrap foil around him.

Email me for details or check the facebook page.