Sean Parker
BA (Hons) Illustration
London College of Communication
(+44) 07985 773109


Man, Woman, Machine.

Coming into the final stages of my project now. Following the collages below, i began to three-dimensionalise my ideas. Focusing on the prospect of man exhausting the art of inventing, due to the intense rate at which technology is progressing, I have explored the realms of failed inventions.

Taking a DIY stance, with tongue in cheek, I am employing readymades as the basis for my prototypes. To contextualise them, I will be doing a photoshoot and a catalogue to go in the exhibition. These shots show testing out the figurines that interact with the objects and give them a slightly surreal presence.

Adopting a very hand-made style, I am simultaneously putting the garden shed designers on a pedestal and commenting on the obsolence of these individuals' EUREKA moments.

More to follow.