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my mates and i have just dashed out the grand opening of our "This Is Not Paris" installation at college. it's been utterly stressful, but in the end, all our hard work has amounted to this beautiful, jizzworthy room. take a peek if you will:



check out the website of the Swoon, a street artist from Brooklyn. When my mates and i were in Paris the other week, we bumped into her and teased her into an impromptu interview. We just sat there, in the middle of the gallery chatting, while she drank tea. It was a beautiful thing.
Unfortunately, her new website is under construction en ce moment, so if you go to and click on the artist blob, her name is at the bottom of the list. clicketyclick and you've got her bio, images and exhibition info.


sleep? what's that?

Once again, i have conceded defeat to boredom, and the many distractions in my room all appear to be screaming at me simultaneously. This week has been non-stop, i'm telling you. Here, let me list all the shit I've been slaving over since Monday:

  • UCAS - if it were a woman, i would punch her in the ovaries. Monotony personified.

  • Book Project - trying to get hold of a retro fax machine was time-consuming and, ultimately, pointless because, by all accounts, they no longer are purchasable. Bollocks.

  • Installation - possibly the most fun and worthwhile task on this list. So many ideas, so little space. It will be worth it, though, I don't doubt that for a second. But staying at college til gone 8 EVERY night, really?

  • Christmas shopping - don't get me started.

Yeah, so basically i'm suffering from chronic tiredness. Even typing this blog giblet is nauseating. I wouldn't be adverse to spending the entire crimbo holidays sleeping, to be quite honest. My rents could just post my presents under my door. And the roast. Regurgitated turkey fat, anyone?

we're not related

this, i'm sorry to say, is my brother, Matt.
he'd kill me if he knew i'd uploaded this. so, until he finds out, we can all point and laugh.
megalolz indeed.
(the photo hasn't been warped, no siree, not in the slightest)


the maccabees - first love

my favourite band and song.

i heart orlando.


my bed keeps ringing me, texting me, she coaxes my return.

but she doesn't know about ucas, and that's the way it's going to stay.


just in case you forgot what one looks like