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Today Hugh and I went to the Horniman Museum and gardens in Forest Hill to follow on from the trip we took to the Hunterian Museum in Holborn in the week. If you fancy a hit of the good stuff of taxidermy, anatomical models and real-life jellyfish, I suggest you make a move.

This has definitely been my most successful photography session to date. I'm getting used to my 50mm now, and slowly but surely learning the optimum settings for different scenarios. I'll tell you what, I'm surprised the jellyfish shots came out that well. It was near impossible to capture the almost angelic detail of the little sods when there was like a tenth of a second gap between them pulsating every two seconds.



A poster for a friend back in my hometown for an Electro night at Tunbridge Wells Forum in April. It's gonna be BIG. Have a butchers here.



Just some preliminary logo ideas for a charity festival called UNDER ONE SUN, which is due to be held in the summer in my hometown, Tunbridge Wells. I have a correspondence with one of the organisers of the event and I have been asked to come up with a logo which will be all-emcompassing for the feeling of the gathering and affixed to all banners, letterheads, merchandise.
I decided to use the emblematic and seemingly obvious circle as the starting point, to both represent the fun of a festival and impress upon the onlooker a sense of unity between those involved.
The font used is a progression of Helvetica that I created to make the banal and ubiquitous typeface into something that is less recognisable and portrays a feeling of youth and vigour.
I am going to play around with some 3D models on similar themes to branch out from computer graphics. Bear with me.



The most recent addition to the set and my favourite yet.

And my next government-funded purchase will be..

This beauty. Only 500 have been made so I'm going to buy one and just never draw in it. Perhaps use it as a door wedge or something, anything but a sketchbook. Get it from here.


Make, don't think.

Tying in with my Astronomy project, I decided to set myself the mini-challenge of creating a five frame story in five minutes. Outrageously simple stuff, but it helped me to make more and think less. Looks real nice, too.


I found a beautiful book in the library on Windmills when I was researching the countryside for a zine I'm doing with a friend. A happy accident, you might say. I have been practising my illustration technique as I have realised I have no real strong drawings of late. I aim to do about ten of these drawings and then release a small number of zines which I will hand-bind with Justin's help.


Hugh and I found a box of old tat outside a derelict house at New Cross Gate a couple of weeks ago, and these were inside. I'm used to generic Bryant & May matchboxes, I've never seen anything like these before. They denote that they have come from as near as Islington and as far a way as New York City. I want to translate them into a series of screenprints, perhaps A3 each.