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London College of Communication
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I was getting pretty bored with the general appearance of my blog, and because I haven't had a lot of work to put on here recently, I thought I'd give her a makeover. She's getting on now, bless her, but looks at least a year younger.
In general, I'm pretty disheartened at the moment; my course isn't going as well as it should be, I seem to be constantly tired and belly's kinda got me. Uni has been a bit of an effort recently. I'm not performing because I never know what the tutors are looking for and I spend far too much time doing my sketchbook and not enough being proactive and making shit before I think about it. I made the sets called 'Clancy Wilde' after being strongly influenced by the Leeds DIY scene, but my efforts seem to have gone unnoticed. I pulled out a poor mark in my assessment and I'm just hoping this all heals itself once we start on the proper pathways (if i get onto Typo/Graphics or Illustration).
As for home life, things couldn't better. Nearly everyday I'm greeted home by friendly faces, a cuppa and a fag, sometimes even a warm XBox360 controller. We still eat altogether and just generally spend the majority of our waking hours doing 'family activities' like washing up or watching tv. If you hadn't already guessed, this would be the most obvious reason that I'm lacking motivation. But who gives a shit, y'know? It's not like it's my finals and I've got a day to do them. This is how it's going to carry on for a while, I hope, but one day I will buck up my ideas and do some work that I'm proud of.


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