Sean Parker
BA (Hons) Illustration
London College of Communication
(+44) 07985 773109



Just some preliminary logo ideas for a charity festival called UNDER ONE SUN, which is due to be held in the summer in my hometown, Tunbridge Wells. I have a correspondence with one of the organisers of the event and I have been asked to come up with a logo which will be all-emcompassing for the feeling of the gathering and affixed to all banners, letterheads, merchandise.
I decided to use the emblematic and seemingly obvious circle as the starting point, to both represent the fun of a festival and impress upon the onlooker a sense of unity between those involved.
The font used is a progression of Helvetica that I created to make the banal and ubiquitous typeface into something that is less recognisable and portrays a feeling of youth and vigour.
I am going to play around with some 3D models on similar themes to branch out from computer graphics. Bear with me.

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