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Today Hugh and I went to the Horniman Museum and gardens in Forest Hill to follow on from the trip we took to the Hunterian Museum in Holborn in the week. If you fancy a hit of the good stuff of taxidermy, anatomical models and real-life jellyfish, I suggest you make a move.

This has definitely been my most successful photography session to date. I'm getting used to my 50mm now, and slowly but surely learning the optimum settings for different scenarios. I'll tell you what, I'm surprised the jellyfish shots came out that well. It was near impossible to capture the almost angelic detail of the little sods when there was like a tenth of a second gap between them pulsating every two seconds.


tom.sansome said...

massive fan of the photographs man.
what camera is it?

Sean said...

Thanks, man. It's a Canon 300D. It's well old actually, and not very many pixels, but the reason they came out nicely is 'cause I've got that 50mm lens I was telling you about, the same one I did your portrait with.

Justine said...

oh sean aren't the jellies spectacular!
i knew the photos would look sic you little jammy

julian camilo said...

lovely stuff. i've been meaning to go, will make more of an effort now.