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My new friend, Bore Dubz, asked me last week if I wanted to help him make a zine of his, and two of his friends', poetry. Of course I jumped at the chance to do anything that would prevent me from sitting on my fat arse all day smoking and watching Top Gear re-runs.

We set to work, coming up with a strategy for the look of the zine. Obviously the main focal point of the mini-project was the beautiful poetry, which was dark, witty and thought-provoking, and so we typed up the musings on my vintage typewriter to get an authentic effect, leaving in mistakes to reflect the thought processes that the poets go through.

The name 'Clinic' which the guys came up with because they thought they had nothing in common except that they all went to the clinic on the day they decided to make a poetry collective.

Obviously, the word clinic instantly flashes up images of white walls, machines and sanitation, so i felt this should be mimicked in the layout and presentation of the zine. Black text on stark white background is, obviously, ubiquitous but we agreed it suited the message of the zine best. I created a couple of small collages to balance out the double spreads and went about printing of a couple of copies at home.

It sure is lucky I live with a Book Arts student, or I would have had no idea how to bind the pamphlets. It's a simple process but we decided it looked tenfold better than clumpy and inaccurate staples.

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