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Someone brought this to my attention the other day as we were strolling through Bethnal Green; a poster for 'This Is Not London', some festival or club collective, I dunno. It's a pretty good concept; nice type, well-thought out colour scheme, all round not a bad poster.

Now, I'm not being funny, but last year on our Foundation at Ravensbourne, Hugh, I and five other close friends put on an installation after our trip to France. We called it 'This Is Not Paris' and I cracked out a stencil for a sign that we took around the college to promote it.

Isn't zat veird?

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DubbedDesign said...

not going to lie...did mention this about 10 months ago...

i think It was the people that put on some phat electro night at fabric or the end..might have been the ones that did the Justice/Erol Alkan @ the end night.
but enough about raving,
we/you are graphic masterminds.