Sean Parker
BA (Hons) Illustration
London College of Communication
(+44) 07985 773109


Employ me, please.

this is my CV, as i'm currently going for a job in urban outfitters on oxford street. my aim was to make it aesthetically pleasing, whilst remaining clear and informative. i knew that i did not want to follow the orthodox template for a CV, and so came up with the idea of adding an illustration to give it another dimension but it was kirsty who suggested i did it on the typewriter (that girl's a genius) and thus the text stands out from generic word processed applications. by adding a picture i have made the plea more personal, while also giving them something more than my experience to judge me on. i decided to take up an informal and rather idiosyncratic tone, which has allowed me to further distance my style from a standard CV.


jessica said...

maate. cv looks bangin'. don't work in retail though it's full of shit. come and work in a cafe that is made out of a train carriage in deptford with me? also. coming over tuesday. white heat times.x

manda wilks said...


Anonymous said...

i am a genius :)