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well, this is the end of the first week of the second phase of my life. i'm in a beautiful city, in a beautiful house with beautiful people. and i'm sounding gay already. it's crazy, right. i moved in just 10 days ago and already i feel totally at home. initially, it seemed like we were all just on some sort of alcohol-based holiday, cooking family meals and basically having a proper good laugh; but then it dawned that we wouldn't be returning home time soon.
i mean, i love my family and that, but i really had nothing else back there. i was in the middle of nowhere, i never enjoyed school, had a boring job and spent most of my time travelling back and forth from london anyway, so it seemed like a natural step to move my whole life up to this suburb.
as student digs go, we got a fucken sweet deal. like, the rent and exclusive bills are sure to drive us to selling our bottoms to survive, but the location and size of the house more than compensate for that. we now live in a thriving community, riddled with diversity, and, contrary to most people's views, it's not that scary. obviously, there are places you don't go, but you get that anywhere.
you know what? i can honestly say i can't remember being more happy or comfortable in myself. and it's all down to the goons i live with. thanks to them, i am now good at life.

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