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Last week's project at Ravensbourne was the first that I feel I have excelled in. The outcomes of my previous projects had been less than satisfying, and so, when I learned we were to be creating an original typeface, my sketchbook instantly became a flurry of scrawls, line drawings and gaffa tape.

The tutors encouraged us to raid our houses for inspiration, one suggested tea pots or eggs, but I wanted to think outside the box. I felt that originality was the key to success and peer jealousy in this project.

I was trying to think laterally and toyed with the idea letters being formed by other letters. However, I wasn't sure how explicit I could be of the letterforms without diluting the concept, and rendering it a bit of a failure. I had to ensure that the viewer could both read the alphabet without any qualms and decipher which letters had been used to create each letter of the font. And, well, to a certain degree, I was enthused by the result. I was lauded by my peers for being original, and although it wasn't the most exciting font on show, I believe I succeeded in hitting my targets from the beginning of the project.
Go on, then. Have a peek...

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