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Anthony Lister

I was just mindlessly flicking through some 'literature' I picked up in seven dials last week, and came across (believe me, you will too when you see his work) an article about this fine artist who goes by the name of Anthony Lister. Hailing from Australia, he already appears to have nurtured quite a reputation for himself in his native.
Whereas most contemporary painters delve deep into their insecurities in order to find one iota of truth to transcribe into their artwork, Lister taps into our self-conscious with vibrant images of some of our most faithful superheroes, instantly flying us back to our younger years, a time when we worshipped these latex-clad idols. Now, you might think that sounds rather superficial, but his intentions are nothing more than to pictorialize a childish obsession that lurks deep within us. He strives to do so in a flurry of shapes, colours and patterns, which scream with naivety and, on occasions, humour.
Vast white canvasses are invaded by rippling torsos and Goliath-esque biceps, raising these fictitious crime-fighters onto a plinth of almost God-like status, whilst disproportionate busts render the portraits more juvenile and harmless.

To be continued when I can be fagged.
But do check out his website -

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