Sean Parker
BA (Hons) Illustration
London College of Communication
(+44) 07985 773109


email from swoon. hell yeah.

hey there sean parker,
i am probably not in time to tell you that my favorite blades are little box cutters, made by olfa with black blades, cause they are sharper, and for that to matter any longer, but in any case, there is the trade secret. your install looks like a mad inspired mess, of the best sort. you guys would have really liked what we made in london i think, is was even more out of control than paris, by a lot. if you get to looking it up, it was at a spot called black rat press, and the show was called heap, my collaborators were monica canilao and davis ellis, both of who are stunning to work with.
also, i just got back from palestine where i did some painting on the apartheid wall that israel is building (an effed up situation.) i remember a few of you guys were wearing kafias, but didn't know the significance (wearing this, to my eye, usually means solidarity with the palestinian struggle.) anyway, check out the project, and maybe a little background on your fashion....
it was really rad to meet you guys. your enthusiasm was an inspiration.

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