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Self-initiated project.

I haven't written on here for quite a while, now. I'm getting worried because you can't normally stop me talking, and even my average days are pretty eventful, so, in theory, I should have a tonne to ramble about. And I do, but I always seem to get distracted from tapping down my thoughts by a number of things; primarily the fact that I live in what has repeatedly been described as a zoo, and secondarily the horrific admission that everytime I hook up to the internet I get lured into the social pit of doom that is Facebook.

Now, following the modest success of our zine project, we have acquired a block of free time until the beginning of the typography workshops. Being somewhat of a work whore, I find myself fretting when I have nothing to do. If you know me well enough, I'm sure you are aware that one of my (many) faults is that I am possibly the most impatient human being ever to walk the Earth. Oh, don't worry, it's fine when others are waiting for me (I'm usually the last one to be ready for anything, whether it were breakfast or my own fucking funeral) but as soon as I'm ready, out she comes; this nagging old bag, with a penchant for safety.

Hugh and I (more commonly known as ShoeHorn) have decided to undertake a project of our own. The obvious starting point for the subject matter is something that we both are passionate about and can comprehensively babble about for an extended period of time.
Boat shoes...
Plaid shirts...
Hang on a second...
In the (slightly modified) words of the exceptional spectacle of childhood paraphernalia AKA Toys'r'us...

"There's millions of giblets all under one roof,
It's called Chazza Shops,
Chazza Shops,

So, ladies and gentleman, tramps and nuns, allow me to introduce you to the Charity Shop Zine.
Preliminary sketches are obviously a must. Take a shneaky peak.

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