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Eclectic Collective Clubnight

My friends Manda and Thom recently got their creative arses in gear and arranged a clubnight at Redstar in Camberwell to launch their soon-to-be-Brighton-based team, the Eclectic Collective. Now, you may well be thinking that Camberwell is not THE hottest spot in South London, but i can assure you, the artkids arrived in their herds. It might well have been the hook attached to the F word (no, not that one, i mean free) that was the stigma for appearing in their posh frocks and such, but the night was undoubtedly a success.
Cor Blimey (see link below) headlined the evening on the decks, while the hosts, Manda and Thom, playsuit and wifebeater clad, respectively, followed up with some elechno beats. They were kind enough to ask me to be the official photographer for the evening on behalf of the collective and i happily obliged. With some assistance from my (illegitimate) twin, Eleni, and some random hands, i managed to document pretty much every movement anyone made all night. Click on 'Eclectic Collective Clubnight' to see all 509 of the snaps.
These are a few of my favourite....

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thom said...

possibly the best picture of mark i have ever seen.