Sean Parker
BA (Hons) Illustration
London College of Communication
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For our second Illustration workshop we were required to create three A2 collages; one symmetrical, one asymmetrical and one discordal.
Each had to involve three pictorials of modern architecture, three columns of text, a strapline (headline), three black squares of different sizes and a coloured geometric shape.

The symmetric attempt had to conform to balance, tradition and harmony, so I bided by the rule of three, which represents stability, and aids the centralising of images. This helped me to compose a spread that is both aesthetically pleasing in its linearity and striking mathematical.

When tackling the asymmetric collage, I was wary that it still needed to be rather stylized, save it resembling a mistake. By confronting the white space on the diagonal, it lends towards a more contemporary composition. The unbalance was created by concentrating much of the focus on the bottom third and juxtaposing the angular tesselation with less geometrically intrinsic shapes in the top third.

I'm not even sure about the third collage. Discord is hard to nail when, like me, you think too much.
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