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Hugh and I signed up to the Letterpress course a couple of weeks before Christmas. We finally got our chance to get all typosexual last week, and it was amazing. A time-consuming process, but one that instigates a high level of precision and and eye for composition.
Not the most exciting project you have ever had to look at, but a landmark in learning for both of us. We had to, in groups of three, come up with a phrase that included a number and then create a copy (a hand-drawn layout) which we then proofed and pasted. We chose purple to represent gluttony, whilst the italicised text inside the diamond provided a dynamic contrast to the bulbous numbers.
On the left is the proof, on which we printed our first runs and debated any compositional alterations. I feel this provides a dynamic contrast to the finished print, right.
In the event I choose the Typographics pathway, I would but complain if I could do this everyday.

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these are really nice man.