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what on earth have i been up to recently? you may not be wanting to know the answer, but i certainly do. all i can seem to remember doing when not sleeping is;
- smoking
- rolling cigarettes
- searching for food
- resigning to soup
- playing halo
- losing halo
- moping about my lack of creativity
- travelling to and from work
- thinking about sleep
- trying to catch the mice that are jamming behind the oven so that we can paint numbers onto
them and potentially declare some kind of national mouse racing championships.

it's weird hugh not being here, and now laura's gone home for christmas. the house is getting emptyyy, i want everyone to be here all the time. i mean, if anything, i miss hugh annoying me and making me do stuff, he's my mr. motivator. but i know that he's having a fucking sick time Down Under, and i doubt he's even thinking about us back here in the shitty wind tunnel that is NU X. he's only been gone a week and a half.

laura aswell, i miss her repeating anything james says but slowing it down for no real reason eg. "youurr.. bed??" megalolz. her nameless addiction must be suffering now she's at home, but perhaps that is a good thing; it might make her appreciate it more.

it's odd y'know. i'm really not much of a fan of being by myself. obviously, i need a bit of time to just jam out and scower the internet for videos of gay referees and that yoyo gimp, but this is just filling in the time i spend in bed. my attention span is so short, i begin looking for porn and end up giggling my tits off to a dancing bear.

and this is why i live with my best friends: i can tell them about these stories. for instance, we talk about james' wanger more than any other topic. our matra is "it's all about the banter".

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Laura said...

this is really funny..but really sad at the same time.
i like i just laughed and cried at the same time..
miss all youns. x