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Red tongues and dad-dancing.

This is pretty much a shrine to the best game ever invented. Now, I wouldn't like to claim it is undisputed, but in terms of my life here in New Cross, this game has dominated my spare time. I think you all know what I am talking about. SSB. On the N64 of course.
So when we went to After Aidzz the other week and saw the fit barmaid stroking sloppy 'S' shapes onto the top of our several snakebites, I couldn't help but ask for a substitution, letter-for-letter.
"This might sound mentally challenged, but would it be possible you could dash me a big fat 'B' on that one?"
The results were era-defining, and we celebrated long our victory long into the night until James was vomited at by a fairy-wing-donning birthday girl. He somehow dodged the projectile expulsion of smirnoff ice-cum-bile in Matrix fashion. Then we carried on getting inebriated. Good times.


DubbedDesign said...

probably the most genius thing ever since the wooden horse incident.
im talking of course bout the trojans/spartans ETC

Yasmina said...

Old men get annoyed if you put designs in their guiness. I think it stops it from being the manliest drink that ever did sail the seven seas.